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Before All My Birthdays

A children's book for early sex education and body safety talk

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Children are aware of differences between boys and girls at around the age of 2. At around 4 or 5, they may start to ask "where did I come from?". This book provides answers in plain and accurate language with colourful illustrations. It tells a story that a 4-year-old girl, Mimi, found out the process of how she came to this world and what she can do to keep her body safe. Parents may find it easier to engage their children in discussions about sex, gender, privacy, relationship and body safety after reading this book to their kids. This book is appropriate for pre-teen kids from 3-10.

Faculty advisor

Shelley Wall


Digital 2D illustration

Final presentation format

A hardcover children's illustration book

Primary audience

Pre-teen kids

Work Process

Frame 1.png
Frame 2.png
Character_Design 2.png
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Character_Design 3.png
Character_Design 5.png
Character_Design 4.png
Character_Design 6.png
Character_Design 7.png
Book 3.jpeg

Reference & Inspiration

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