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Black Lip Oyster

Freeform Sculpt

The cover and two-page spread mockup were inspired by an article from National Geographic, The rise of eco-friendly pearl farming, which introduces aquaculture technique in French Polynesian for harvesting Tahitian pearls out of black lip oyster. 


The black lip oyster and lobe coral were modelled in Zbrush. The underwater environment was created in C4D. After taking several shots with different poses, a cover image was generated and a two-page spread was composed for this article.

Black lip oyster post production.png
Freeform oyster render V5 -color adjusted.png
Freeform oyster render 3 -color adjusted.png
Freeform oyster V4.png
Collaborative underwater scenes -Render 2.png

Faculty advisor

Dr. Nicholas Woolridge


ZBrush, C4D, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Final presentation format

Mock journal cover and a 2-page spread

Primary audience

Lay audience

Team contribution

Pufferfish 3D sculpture - Alexandra Ho

Cleaner shrimp 3D sculpture - Sherry An

Work Process

1. Research, Ideation and Rough Sketches

Inspired by an article from from National Geographic, The rise of eco-friendly pearl farming, I decided to make a 3D model of a black-lip oyster and stage it in underwater scenes for editorial mock-ups. Rough sketches of the oyster was drafted for 3D modelling. 

Freeform sketch - Black lip pearl oyster - Mimi .png


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