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BMC Speaker Series 2022

A series of talks for students' professional growth

Every year, the Biomedical Communication (BMC) program in University of Toronto hosts a Speaker Series event that invites people to share their career paths and insights to students in the program. In the year of 2022, the event reached out to 12 speakers, from cutting-edge robotics engineers to award-winning information designers, hosting 9 online seminars over the span of the spring term.

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Event Planning Committee

My Role

Faculty Lead: Dave Mazierski 

Students: Tal Bali, Mimi Guo, Amy Jiao, Joshua Koentjoro (in alphabetical order)

Design Lead: designing marketing material templates for different social platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and BMC Website; designing event roster, and presentation slide deck.

Event Lead: writing invitation letters customized to different speakers, updating speakers with event information and instructions, hosting online seminars and Q&A sessions. 

Promo Lead: making talk promo materials using the template, sending event information to BMC account administrator, BMC alumni association and current BMC students, meeting promotional schedules for a greater impact.

Primary event audience

Current BMC students, faculty, and alumni

Event Roster

Promo material-Poster Roster.png

Social Media

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Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 2.02.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 1.56.30 PM.png

Slide Deck

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