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Career History

Team Arm

Jun 2021 - present

  • Making 2D animations and vector illustrations to be used on a functional anatomy teaching website

  • Developing concept visuals of arm muscle learning modules for undergraduate students to have a deeper understanding of the course material via case studies

Design Team
IMS Magazine

Aug 2021 - present

  • IMS Magazine showcases stories and research happening in  Institute of Medical Science of University of Toronto.

  • My role include designing illustration and layouts in InDesign for different articles.  

Teaching assistant
University of Toronto

Sep - Dec 2021

  • Undergraduate course HSC401 Web-based Health and Science Communication Design 

  • Providing constructive feedbacks and supporting students' learning experience through various web design assignments

Biohues Digital

Jun - August 2021

  • Producing high detail human anatomy 3D models as reusable assets to streamline mass illustration process

  • Designing layouts and concept illustrations for over 30 anatomical topics on Tencent Medical Apps

Medical Illustrator
Pet Cancer Fund

May 2020 - Aug 2021

  • Making web based visuals for a variety of topics in pet health and diseases

  • The illustrations were used to communicate early signs of pet cancers to pet owners so that they are more prepared to act pre-emptively.

SSRP Researcher
Pharmaceutical Sciences

May 2019 - May 2020

  • Conducting base editing technique research on mammalian cell lines with SSRP award, in the pursuit of developing a novel therapeutic method for lipoprotein lipase deficiency. 

  • Achieved publishable progress for the in-vitro stage of the project, ended with a thesis and multiple presentations.

Pharmacology co-op

May 2018 - May 2019

  • Performed in-vitro pharmacokinetic/ADME assays to accelerate the process of triaging drug candidates. 

  • Facilitated the establishment of an outsourcing shared service for propelling projects along the drug development pipeline

Undergraduate Researcher
UBC Chemistry 

May 2017 - Aug 2017

  • Performed pilot experimentations to characterize the kinetics of a biphasic reaction catalyzed by a cinchona alkaloid via HPLC-MS system 

  • Explored optimization methods for organic compound crystallization process to achieve better formulation and drug delivery results.

Education History

Biomedical Commuicaions

University of Toronto


MSc in progress

BSc in Pharmacology 

University of British Columbia



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