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Human Kidneys

Data Sculpt

The kidney model was firstly segmented from CT scans using 3D Slicer, then it was cleaned up and painted in Zbrush. A static image and a video turnaround were created in C4D.


Faculty advisor

Dr. Nicholas Woolridge


3D Slicer, ZBrush, C4D, and Adobe Photoshop

Final presentation format

A high resolution coloured 3D asset of human kidneys, a turntable video and images for web

Primary audience

The general public

Work Process

1. Reconstruct 3D information from CT scans

To have a precise contour of a pair of kidneys for my 3D model, I used a set of CT data and extracted the kidneys from each slice of scan in 3D Slicer. 

CT scan kidneys.png
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