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2D vector animation/Interactive teaching module

Kinundrum is a teaching website for an undergraduate kinesiology course. It has case studies where students can review their anatomy knowledge and apply them to solve puzzles. The case studies usually describe a situation where an injury happened, and the mechanism of the injury will eventually become clearer when students solve the problems with the clues provided. 

Here are some assets I created for two case studies.


Squash Injury Case

The first case is about a squash player feeling pain on at the back of their right forearm. 

Character Design

Pip, a professional squash player, who plays almost every week

Mechanism of Injury

An animation showing the mechanism of the injury in a diagrammatic style

Kinundrum mockup.png

Desktop Mockup

Making the user interface mockup to connect every asset produced and see the coherent story


Heidi in Gym

The second case is about the daily exercise in gym and the mechanism of building muscle strength.

Character Design

The two characters in this cases are Heidi and her coach.

Muscle Contraction

An animation showing the mechanism of a concentric contraction

Passive Stretches

An anatomical animation for students to identify passive muscle stretch when Heidi makes an overhead stretch

Faculty advisors

Judi Laprade and Michael Corrin


Adobe Illustrator and After Effects

Final format

Stills and 2D animations on an interactive website

Primary audience

Undergraduate kinesiology students

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