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Leukocyte Diapedesis

Biomedical Process Illustration

Leukocytes are immune cells in the bloodstream that can be recruited to the inflammatory regions where pathogens are. The process that leukocytes cross the epithelial cells of a capillary blood vessel is called leukocyte diapedesis. This is a fundamental concept in immunology and the following illustration present this biomedical process in a textbook didactic style. 

Guo_Mimi_MSC2009_2021_Leukocyte Diapedesis.png

Faculty advisor

Dave Mazierski and Shelley Wall


Adobe Illustrator

Final presentation format

Textbook illustration

Primary audience

Undergraduate immunology students

Work Process

1. Ideation, Reference, and Rough Drafts

After reading on the topic, a rough layout was drafted with selected information. The main image depicts the steps of leukocyte diapedesis. The side image introduces the molecular receptors involved in the process. 

Leukocyte diapedesis-draft-Mimi-Jan25.png


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