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Pet Cancer Illustrations

Web Infographics created for Pet Cancer Fund

Pet Cancer Fund is an organization that raise awareness and funding for feline and canine cancers. Here is a collection of work I created for this cause, based on the articles provided by the medical writers in the team. These infographics were designed to be displayed on web, in between sections of different articles. 

Canine Cancer Symptoms V3-01 American spelling.png
Canine Cancer Symptoms V2-02.png
Canine Cancer Symptoms V2-03.png
Feline Cancer symptoms - 1 V3-01.png
Feline Cancer symptoms - 1 V3-02.png
Feline Cancer symptoms - 1 V3-03.png
Normal vs Cancer cells V4-01.png
Staging of Canine Osteosarcoma V5 American spelling.png
Benign vs malignant V4-01.png
Dominant and recessive alleles_Mimi_v001-01.png
Dominant and recessive alleles_Mimi_v001-02.png



Digital 2D - Procreate and Adobe Illustrator

Final presentation format

Web infographics

Primary audience

Pet owners

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