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Posterior Abdominal Wall

Tonal 2D illustration for anatomy textbook

This illustration utilizes 2D digital painting methods to delineate the retroperitoneal viscera and vessels of posterior abdominal wall.

Guo_Mimi_Abdomen- after ps colored no label-01_edited.jpg
Guo_Mimi_Abdomen_colored labeled vessels-01.png

Faculty advisor

Dave Mazierski and Shelley Wall


Carbon pencil, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Final presentation format


Primary audience

Medical students, anatomy students

Work Process

Observational sketching

It was a very precious opportunity that I could sketch the dissection samples preserved in the Grant's Museum during the COVID time. The initial sketching was done with carbon pencils in 5 hours.

Sketch before labels.PNG


  1. Grant’s Atlas

  2. Appendices Epiploicae of the Colon: Radiologic and Pathologic Features

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