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Stopped-flow Benchtop NMR

A journal cover for Reaction Chemistry & Engineering

An editorial 3D cover was created based on the content of a published paper by Hein Lab:  Quantitative and convenient real-time reaction monitoring using stopped-flow benchtop NMR. The cover has been accepted to be published on the 2022 May issue.

This research paper highlights an innovative approach that introduce a stopped-flow loop in a continuous reaction to detect and take real-time measurements of gaseous chemicals, which were hard to be measured accurately in the past.

Based on the content of the paper, I designed the two important equipments to be in the centre point of the images: bench-top NMR and six-port valve. An infinity loop was created to compare the new stopped-flow method to the traditional continuous-flow approach. The molecules depicted are sulfuryl fluoride, a toxic gas produced and detected by the stopped-flow method. 


Published Cover

The final artwork

Hard surface modeling


HeinLab, University of British Columbia


Autodesk Maya and Photoshop

Final presentation format

An editorial journal cover for both web and print

Primary audience

Researchers and audience for the RCE journal

Work Process


Based on the research paper, I provided multiple visual approaches to see which one clients like. 

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