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Self Portrait with Brain

Editorial neuroanatomy illustration

This illustration combines my self-portrait with an anterolateral view of a brain, highlighting brainstem and cranial nerve roots. 


Faculty advisor

Shelley Wall


Carbon dust, acrylic, and Photoshop

Final presentation format

A portrait orientation static illustration

Primary audience

The general public

Work Process

Ideation and line art draft

  • List the structures I want to show and find a perspective that is best for showing them

  • Take a reference photo of myself

  • Find brain reference at the same angle

  • Complete the line draft in procreate with brain illustration overlaying the self-portrait

Line draft.PNG

Reference and Inspiration

  1. Nieuwenhuys, R., Voogd, J., Huijzen, C., & van Huijzen, C. (2013). The Human Central Nervous System. Springer Publishing.

  2. Frcp(C), R. M. M., & Md, J. S. E. (2016). Netter’s Concise Neuroanatomy Updated Edition (Netter Clinical Science) (1st ed.). Elsevier.

  3. UBC 3D brain model:

  4. The Brain in Slumber. Infographic illustration by Bruce Morser.

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