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Open Comminuted Tibial and Fibular Fracture

A trauma illustration for medical legal purpose

A pedestrian John Doe was struck by a vehicle and thrown approximately 20 feet. He was taken to the hospital with an open fracture on his right leg. After a CT scan, it turned out there were fractures on both his tibia and fibula. 

John Doe's attorney has turned to SAM Medivisuals (SAM - Shehryar Saharan, Amy Assabgui and Mimi Guo) for medical legal visualization solutions. A trauma illustration panel was needed as a piece of demonstrative evidence for John's case in court. 

MSC2002Assignment 2 v2John Doe_Final Layout.png

Faculty advisor

Stephen Mader


Photoshop, Procreate and Adobe Illustrator

Final presentation format

A vertical illustration panel for screen or print

Primary audience

Demonstrative evidence for jury in court

Work Process

Tibial and fibular fractures

  • Reconstructed from CT scan

  • Radiographic overlay for credibility

  • Detailed and accurate bony structures with attention to the rotation of the comminuted fracture fragments

  • Nerve damage considered

By Shehryar Saharan

MSC2002Assignment 2 v2-step1-06.png


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